This entry was meant to tell you about, a beautiful shemale I had met on the internet. Jackie and I have been corresponding for several months and have grown very close over this time.

We were pondering the idea of meeting in person and early 2008, I left Los Angeles, California bound for Bangkok. You must understand that I am not a frequent international traveler, so this trip was a very big ordeal for me to say the least. After 23 hours of travel, I finally arrived to my destination.

I was met at the airport by Maria, another gorgeous ladyboy, and Jackie. Maria immediately recognized me from my pictures and greeted me with a friendly hello and promptly drove me to my apartment. Upon arriving at my apartment, I had only one hour to prepare for my first date with my shemale princess. So, without any rest I jumped in the shower, put on some cologne, and changed into some decent clothes.

Maria and I proceeded to exchange my US dollars into thai currency and pickup some beautiful, long stem red roses for Jackie. for Jackie had chosen a nice Japanese restaurant for our first meeting. Maria and I arrived at the restaurant approximately 10 minutes prior to Jackie 's expected arrival.

At fist I was very nervous, but Maria calmed me down by saying he felt that her ladyboy friend would like me. Jackie arrived promptly at 7:00 pm and I must say that she looked like a goddess and I could not believe that this gorgeous, statuesque woman was actually a shemale! I wanted to raise my hands to the sky and shout, "Thank you God!"

As Jackie walked over to my table, I wanted to say, "Ok Maria, you can leave now!" I decided to be polite and invite Maria for some dinner and thankfully she refused.

Jackie was extremely nervous, so much so that her hands were shaking uncontrollably! After some conversation and of course an alcoholic beverage or two, we both calmed down. I could sense that we liked each other very much. This was a good start to what later turned out to be a fantastic evening with my dream ladyboy that I will never forget.

We enjoyed our dinner and our conversation very much. After dinner, we proceeded to my apartment to chat. As we were chatting, Jackie wrote on the back of a business card. I could not read it until she slid the card in front of me. She had written down with her petite ladyboy hands that she loved me. From that point forward, I knew that this trip was going to be an experience of a lifetime.

I could have been anywhere in the world and it would not have mattered, but it was in this beautiful little city, Odessa, where I found my dream girl. It was the most amazing week of my life and my words will not do justice in describing every wonderful thing I experienced. It was perfect!

One week later, at the end of my trip, we both cried and vowed to see each other again soon. Tatyana, the owner of the local marriage agency was kind and sincere, and just a wonderful lady. She had a small party for Kristy and myself and even prayed for me and Kristy. I have nothing but praise for her agency and her staff. Slava was indispensable and made me feel so comfortable and welcome. I would do it again one thousand times over.

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